Industry Support Group

The ISG is C-MAC's instrument to collaborate with different branches and companies from industry. Several Research and Activity Domains (RAD) with a specific focus on applications are operational:

  • Materials for thermo-electricity and magneto-calorimetry
  • Materials for catalysis
  • Materials for structural applications, composites
  • Coating technologies for barrier and functional applications
  • Development of new Metallic Alloys and Compounds

Further information:

  • Cage Compounds for Thermoelectric Converters
  • Magnetocaloric Materials for Refrigeration
  • Highly Selective and Stable Catalysis by Intermetallic Compounds
  • A Combinatorial Approach to Opening Unexplored Fields in Metallurgy

C-MAC offers 4 member-ship classes

  1. Membership for large companies
  2. Membership for SMEs
  3. Membership for research institutes, (not member of C-MAC)
  4. Membership for only one RAD

For more information please contact C-MAC NSU, +41 71 446 50 30, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it