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C-MAC Euroschool 2017 in Split - 10-15/09/2017

published on 13 Mar 2017

We are pleased to announce C-MAC Euroschool in Material Science 2017 taking place in Split, Croatia, from September 10 to September 15 2017.
The title of the Euroschool 2017 is Physical properties I – electrons, phonons and interactions in complex systems - it will review basics of electron and phonon properties, and their interactions in complex systems.
Lectures include pedagogical introductions followed by tutorials where participants will apply acquired knowledge to specific problems. The Euroschool 2017 will address topics that cover influence of structural complexity to electron and phonon properties, and some manifestations of electron-phonon interaction (like polarons, superconductivity, charge and spin density waves) in particular.
Complex metallic alloys have strong application potential, from which introductory to thermoelectrics and catalysis are included.
Since one-week Euroschool is too short to cover many important aspects of complexity influence to the physical properties, the next Euroschool 2018 in Krakow will be continuation with complementary topics covered.

For the details regarding the scope, list of speakers, the format, the venue, please visit Euroschool web site,, where on-line registration and abstract submission forms will be available soon.

Registration deadline is July 1.

We would appreciate if you would forward this message to young members of your lab, postdocs and students, who may be interested in the Euroschool.

We are looking forward meeting you in Split!

With best regards,
Ante Bilušić, Petar Popčević, and Ana Smontara,
as members of the local organization committee
contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it