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1st Intl. Symp. on Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces, from Fundamentals to Sustainable Applications

published on 19 Dec 2014

Surfaces and interfaces are key to many technological issues such as friction, adhesion, corrosion, catalysis, optics, etc. that in turn determine environmental developments and sustainability in our future. Major investments by our industries go to such issues. Therefore, surface and interface science has become in recent decades an increasingly important research topic as well as an interdisciplinary field between physics, crystallography, chemistry, biology and material science. The purpose of the symposium is to provide a forum for new research in the field of surfaces and interfaces and to improve the connection of this still upcoming area in materials science to the Materials Research community, both in academia and industry. Due to the strong impact that surface and interface sciences has in terms of sustainable industrial progress in various fields (adhesion, corrosion, catalysis, etc.), applications - potential or realized - will be also considered in this symposium. More precisely, the symposium will cover but will not be limited to the following topics:
Formation, preparation and stability of surfaces and interfaces,
Characterization of surfaces and interfaces of metals, alloys, oxides and semi-conductors,
Solid-liquid interfaces, including biological surfaces and interfaces,
Surfaces of nano-objects and nano-particles,
Grain boundaries,
Thin films and coatings,
Experiments and instrumentation,
Theoretical tools, models, codes.

Atomic and electronic structures of surfaces and interfaces,
Surface reactivity, catalysis, oxidation and corrosion,
Molecules on surfaces, self-assembly, templates,
Wetting, adhesion,
Friction at atomic scale,
Experimental and theoretical approaches.

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