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IUCr congress in Montreal August 5-12 August 2014

published on 14 Feb 2014

Dear colleagues,

The IUCr congress will take place this year in Montreal August 5-12 August 2014

There is  a large number of MS related to complex metallic alloys and aperiodic order (see the list below)

The deadline for submitting an abstract to the 23rd Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr 2014) has been extended to 18 February 2014. To submit your abstract online, please go to Note that there will be no further extensions for abstracts considered for oral presentation.

PLease encourage your colleague and students to participate to this important conference

Best regards

Marc de Boissieu

Microsymposia related to Aperiodic Crystals:

MS-02: Recent advances in quasicrystal research
MS-10: Chemistry and physics of modulated and composite crystals
MS-17: High-pressure crystallography of Periodic and Aperiodic Crystals
MS-26: Commensurate and incommensurate multiferroics and magnetoelectrics: structure and properties
MS-33: Symmetry constraints in magnetic structure determination: experiment and theory
MS-34: Crystals and beyond
MS-42: Diffuse scattering and partial disorder in complex structures
MS-51: Challenging macromolecular crystals: twinning,  aperiodicity, and low resolution
MS-57: Macromolecular and soft-matter aperiodic crystals
MS-66: Multiferroics and other multi-functional materials: synthesis, properties and high-pressure behavior
MS-81: Pushing the boundaries of aperiodic magnet ic & crystal structure solution
MS-105: Frustration, topology and chirality in metals and complex oxides.