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C-MAC Euroschool 2011 Toulouse, 22.05.-27.05.2011

published on 01 Apr 2011

The European Center for the development of new metallic alloys and compound (C-MAC) is organizing a

School entitled - Structure and Crystal chemistry of complex metallic alloys

The purpose of the school is to give the basis of the crystallography and crystallo-chemistry allowing a better understanding of complex metallic alloys. A thorough introduction to the concepts of crystal chemistry and chemical bonding will be given and followed by its application to CMA. The problem of disorder which is almost always present in CMA and its analysis by diffuse scattering will then be presented. The last part of the school will be dedicated to an introduction to transmission electron microscopy and to metallurgical issues: gum metals, problems encountered in the aeronautic industry. A visit of the Airbus Company plant will conclude the school.

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