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C-MAC RAD-GM Call for Promotional Lecture

published on 07 Mar 2011

The Research Activity Domain on Gender Mainstreaming (RAD-GM) Call for a Promotional Lecture 2011 is a continuation of the CMA VIU-GM Promotional Lectures organized yearly since 2006 ( They are part of the Gender Equality Action Plan. The GE Action Plan foresees the promotion of female scientists in the field of research via financial support for young PhDs in promoting their lectures (so called “Promotional Lectures”) in top-level institutions of their choice. The goal of the RAD-GM Promotional Lecture Plan is to help young female scientists get better-known in the scientific world. The RAD-GM will financially support their travel and stay in scientific institutions of their choice (up to € 1000), where they will be offered the possibility to present their achievements.

This kind of action will give young female scientists the chance to build their own network and contacts which will benefit them in the future as their careers progress. The promotional lectures will be organized on a regular basis (annually).